21 July 2013


As it was my birthday on Wednesday I decided to go shopping and treat myself beforehand....but on a budget of course. The idea was to spend £30 max and find a few summer tops and winter jumpers. 

I only buy items when I FEEL that the item represents ME. 

I'm not keen on copying cookie cutter trends from head to toe so with that in mind somehow I ended up with a neon pink jumper. Looking through my wardrobe it contains a lot of black items....very drab for the summer weather so I thought adding a hint of colour would help. 

Here's what I found:

Black/White Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Peplum Top - Primark - £3
Red/Black Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Pink Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Bag - Primark - £5
Marl Vest Top - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Marl Dip Hem Jumper - £2.99


....my awaited tie dye dip hem dress for a whopping £7 from Primark!!

 Okay. PERSONALLY I think that this was expensive for a dress BUT as it's my birthday week I thought what the heck. Any ideas on how to wear it when Autumn arrives? 

I was thinking a cropped jacket with ankle boots. What are YOUR thoughts?

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