21 July 2013


As it was my birthday on Wednesday I decided to go shopping and treat myself beforehand....but on a budget of course. The idea was to spend £30 max and find a few summer tops and winter jumpers. 

I only buy items when I FEEL that the item represents ME. 

I'm not keen on copying cookie cutter trends from head to toe so with that in mind somehow I ended up with a neon pink jumper. Looking through my wardrobe it contains a lot of black items....very drab for the summer weather so I thought adding a hint of colour would help. 

Here's what I found:

Black/White Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Peplum Top - Primark - £3
Red/Black Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Pink Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Bag - Primark - £5
Marl Vest Top - Thrift Shop - £2.99
Marl Dip Hem Jumper - £2.99


....my awaited tie dye dip hem dress for a whopping £7 from Primark!!

 Okay. PERSONALLY I think that this was expensive for a dress BUT as it's my birthday week I thought what the heck. Any ideas on how to wear it when Autumn arrives? 

I was thinking a cropped jacket with ankle boots. What are YOUR thoughts?

14 July 2013


Right now I'm sitting here as an 18 year old...19 in four days and I've suddenly noticed the drastic change in my appearance.

I look in my wardrobe and all I see is BLACK - WHITE - BURGUNDY - and  - GREY aka BASIC.

I can't complain as in comparison to my college wardrobe which consisted of odd floral tops, tube skirts and desert boots. I can't forget my green parka and granny cardigans as I literally lived in them. I liked experimenting with both my fashion and my hair which was a BIG mistake. I originally cut my hair into a chin length bob with my hair previously past my shoulders...

...I remember a slight phase of depression because I got carried away and told the hairdresser to cut my hair into short layers. BIG MISTAKE!

So why am I here researching nape undercuts....from past experiences I should stay away from the idea but I can't....I...JUST...CAN'T.

BUT then....I saw THIS:

Extreme Contrast Dye Jobs.

Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2013

9 July 2013


Shorts - Thrift Shop - £2.50
T-Shirt - H&M -£3
Necklace - Primark - £4
Necklace - H&M - £3
Jacket - Charity Shop - £1
T-Shirt - H&M - £3.99
T-Shirt (Size 16...I wear it as a dress) - Primark - £3
Jumper - Thrift Shop - £2.50
Necklace (Old Prom jewellery) - Market - £20
Nail Varnishes - Poundland - £1 (Obviously lol)

It's been a busy month. I was on a work experience placement with H&M with the Visual Merchandisers and learnt a fair amount in three weeks. 

It feels nice to be off from university but...I miss it now. I've got a few creative plans in mind but I need to put it to paper....as you can see in my scrap-poster I felt the sudden itch.