16 May 2013


I decided to re-do a few of my designs from my first two projects. Here's what I've been up to during this week:

12 May 2013


I still can''t believe that Blockbusters is closing down! Oh well...99p for all of these pre-owned DVD's? One man's trash is another man's treasure....trash so good I went back today and got five more to add to my collection:
Michael Jackson's This Is It - Take The Lead - 2012 - Curse Of The Golden Flower - Ladder 49

After waiting since 21st April *grinds teeth* I finally finally FINALLY received my black high waisted jeans from H&M. I find it VERY hard to find jeans to fit my small frame being a fusspot I hate wearing low waist jeans (they make me look super short).

They "fit" but they are a little bit baggy on the bottom area - an area in which I need to work on but they are pretty decent. I refuse to pay £40 for the same jeans in Topshop Petite so for £23 I can not complain!

8 May 2013


A few weeks ago I went to Camden Town with my very LOVELY friend Jessica. It was an experience to say....many of the shops and market stalls were quite tacky which was a bit upsetting. On the bright side we discovered H&M Divided...I actually couldn't believe that there was a store just for Divided Red and Divided Black!
We also discovered a little Turkish store at the end of the street....how beautiful are these lamps?


7 May 2013


I remember in December I was in Primark with my lovely lovely mom and saw a black fringe pvc jacket for £25. I've already got a black biker jacket from Primark but refused and still refuse to pay full price for the pvc jackets. To my suprise....I popped into Primark on my short lived 20 minute break and saw the same jacket for £10.
Well actually I could....as...it wasn't in my size.
I left saddened went back to work but something told me to pop back the next day. Well, let's just say I wouldn't be typing this if I didn't. I grabbed two....one for myself and one for my mom.

Biker Jacket - Primark - £10
Leggings - Primark - £2
Invisible Socks - Primark - £1.50
I also found some black glittery leggings that I plan to wear in winter with my soon to be found black and gold boots. Also my first time trying jamacian sexy juice and invisible socks today...I think I may have found a solution when it comes to "tucking in socks".
Oops, also got these too:

Sunglasses - Primark - £1
Multipack Rings - H&M - £3.99
(So simple, I LOVE them)

3 May 2013


There's not enough time in the day! After anticipating about my glasses all night Wednesday. I failed to collect them (pretty gutted) - Anyhoo, my mom offered to pick them up (aka Superwoman) for me. I didn't notice how bad my eyesight was until when I put them on...I feel as if I'm seeing a whole new world with the trees so sharply defined. IT'S AMAZING!

I also decided to treat myself after a long week of lectures to a twin pack necklace set and a boyfriend fit t-shirt from Primark. I'm starting to love black on black fashion with accents of gold...think I've got an addiction. Is there any such thing as "Fashion Rehab"?

Boyfriend Fit T-Shirt - Primark £3.50
Necklace - H&M £6.99

1 May 2013


Today has been a busy day! It all started with a trip to Specsavers...taking me 45 minutes to choose a frame (I know, terrible). I finally chose one from the Gok Wan collection with a plastic tortoise shell frame "GW" intials on the side. Being a student I was able to recieve a NHS voucher in order to get discount so I basically paid £10 from £99. It hurts to wait a whole day and a couple hours to collect them but hey. I can't wait to show you all!
Anyhoo, here is an quick put-together outfit of what I wore today:

Pumps - Primark £3
  Pencil Skirt - Thrifted £2.50
Jacket - Primark £25
  Top - Thrifted 20p 
Necklace - (Found it in my Grandads house)
  Watch - Vintage £7