8 January 2013


I'm super super super in LOVE with ombre hair! Alot of people have done it but I think it compliments an outfit and facial features perfectly. At the moment I'm rocking hip length box braids and it is time to take them out soon. Afro to permed hair is not the easiest hair to handle and I'm a tad worried that the bleach may damage my hair. The upside is that if it does then I can chop it off and find something new.

Here are a few images I have gathered for inspiration:

Kevin Murphy
Angelica Blick

Kevin Murphy



5 January 2013


A couple months ago I went on a week long vintage haul with my good and blessed to have friend Alima. We met up nearly every morning waiting outside the shop for the owner (a few times dissappointed as he failed to turn up) in order to go on a vintage rummage.

It was vintage heaven! The deal was - fill a bin bag with anything for £20! Originally the shop was open downstairs for business until the upstairs warehouse opened. Anyway, I grabbed these Puma size 12 tracksuit bottoms and altered them at 2am this morning.