7 September 2012


As I had the day off I decided to go shopping for clothing essentials for University. I found this lovely little number in my local Hypnotic. Most of the clothes in there are so CHEAP and TACKY I feel like crying. On occasion I have found numerous amounts of Topshop items so I always have hope when searching through the rails.

I also found a see throuugh black beach dress in which I plan to wear with a bralette and high waisted items. I love the plaited tie belt that is placed upon the wasitline. As petite as I am it helps to show off the little curves I do have...I promise.

I was intially on the hunt for a leather biker jacket but I'm not keen on the idea of buying a PVC leather jacket when I can save and buy a real leather one. This resulted into a little walk out of town to COW Vintage Birmingham in which I found NOTHING but walked out with a few urban magazines.

...and last but not least I think this is the bargain of the day. PRITT STICKS at 25p each when they are usually £1 each...so good I grabbed 12! 
Top: Hypnotic (£2.99)
Beach Dress: H&M (£3)
Magazines from Cow Vintage (Free)
Pritt Sticks: Big Deal (25p each)

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  1. amazing haul *-* your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!