29 August 2012

I'm a pretty hard to impress person and the fact that I have been inspired I find truly amazing. I love being inspired...it gets my juices flowing when it comes to fashion. The theme of my inspiration is "CARBOOTS".
The last carboot I went to (about 5 years ago) I found "Not Another Teen Movie" for £3 whilst my mom andher friend were selling these foam character things that you can stick on your bedroom wall. Cheesy or WHAT lol? Anyhoo...since then I have not been to one but instead found a bric or brac store not far from my house. Most of it is junk but most of isn't.
I broke up from college in June and carefully selected items of clothing that I did not want anymore and decided to trek along with my mom to sell them in a carboot ina  field next to my local Tesco. Whilst there I decided to walk around myself and see if I could find any bargains....and BOY DID I?

Being as petite as I am I refuse to pay over £15 for jeans....So why not pay 20p for some old school looking jeans and make them into shorts?

I don't wear much colour and my wardrobe is lacking plain coloured items so I spotted these MOTO Topshop jeans for £7 in which I ended up paying £5.25 with staff discount. They are super soft and will be the statement piece of every outfit I put together...NO DOUBT.

Another "CARBOOT" bargain find....50p for a New Look that I not long seen for £6 (I think). Love it!

I wanted to save the best until last. After searching for a faux leather jacket I walked around the carboot and found this beauty for £5...BRAND NEW WITH TAGS! Couldn't believe it. I could believe that it wasn't  in my size but my Mom purchased it for herself.

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