8 August 2012

As I'm going to be starting University to study Fashion Design with Fashion Communication (hopefully - I'll find out in 8 days) it's time to change my image. I've been wanting to do this for over 4 years now but money had always held me back sadly. So what I have done is listed essentials to STOP me buying rubbish that I don't need.

Here are a few items I have purchased over the past month to add to my wardrobe:

Jumper - Matalan (£7)
Top - H&M (£3)
Vest - New Look (£2)
T Shirt Dress - New Look (£5)
Crop Top - New Look (£3)


  1. I love the aztec crop! Such a steal for £3! Also hard to believe it's from New Look i rarely like their clothes but this is gorgeous x

    Ps. Giveaway started today on my blog for a pair of Galaxy Print Leggings if you're interested!


  2. Thank you...They have gone downhill on most items I agree but for kids section I was suprised as well haha. I'll check it out for sure :)

  3. i'm loving the jumper & the crop top :) x