30 August 2012

The perks of working for an Arcadia brand retail store is the fact I get discount in many shops.
Today I was on the hunt for a pair of jeans but ended up buying a handful load of jewellery.
I worked it out and it should have paid over £30 for all of this if it was full price....but instead why not pay £3.60 ay?

29 August 2012

I'm a pretty hard to impress person and the fact that I have been inspired I find truly amazing. I love being inspired...it gets my juices flowing when it comes to fashion. The theme of my inspiration is "CARBOOTS".
The last carboot I went to (about 5 years ago) I found "Not Another Teen Movie" for £3 whilst my mom andher friend were selling these foam character things that you can stick on your bedroom wall. Cheesy or WHAT lol? Anyhoo...since then I have not been to one but instead found a bric or brac store not far from my house. Most of it is junk but most of isn't.
I broke up from college in June and carefully selected items of clothing that I did not want anymore and decided to trek along with my mom to sell them in a carboot ina  field next to my local Tesco. Whilst there I decided to walk around myself and see if I could find any bargains....and BOY DID I?

Being as petite as I am I refuse to pay over £15 for jeans....So why not pay 20p for some old school looking jeans and make them into shorts?

I don't wear much colour and my wardrobe is lacking plain coloured items so I spotted these MOTO Topshop jeans for £7 in which I ended up paying £5.25 with staff discount. They are super soft and will be the statement piece of every outfit I put together...NO DOUBT.

Another "CARBOOT" bargain find....50p for a New Look that I not long seen for £6 (I think). Love it!

I wanted to save the best until last. After searching for a faux leather jacket I walked around the carboot and found this beauty for £5...BRAND NEW WITH TAGS! Couldn't believe it. I could believe that it wasn't  in my size but my Mom purchased it for herself.

21 August 2012

If I haven't been working overtime I've been babysitting....if I haven't been babysitting I've been bored out of my brain as I'm dying without education. It's all good news though....I GOT INTO MY FIRST CHOICE FOR UNIVERSITY!!!

My college told me to wake up at 6am to check the online columbus for our A-Level Results. Suprise...suprise it DIDN'T work! I sat in bed refreshing the page for over 4 hours until it finally loaded. I can not believe that I have finished college and can finally start my life specifically doing what I want to do. I've been accepted to do Fashion Design and Fashion Communication at BCU...I'm SO excited.

I went out with my Godsister and my lovely dear friend Jessica to celebrate in which I tried my first Jagerbomb which tasted like cough medicine...(never again) whilst skanking out to Drake. I thought to treat myself so I purchased these few items ready for University -

Top: Matalan (Sale - £3)
Shoes: Matalan (£12)

9 August 2012

PROGRESS! I found a bag today which ticks all the boxes....cheap as chips as well and no doubt will fit an A4 folder....

Bag - Select (£10.20 with 15% Student Discount)

8 August 2012

As I'm going to be starting University to study Fashion Design with Fashion Communication (hopefully - I'll find out in 8 days) it's time to change my image. I've been wanting to do this for over 4 years now but money had always held me back sadly. So what I have done is listed essentials to STOP me buying rubbish that I don't need.

Here are a few items I have purchased over the past month to add to my wardrobe:

Jumper - Matalan (£7)
Top - H&M (£3)
Vest - New Look (£2)
T Shirt Dress - New Look (£5)
Crop Top - New Look (£3)

7 August 2012

I bet you wouldn't wish to be ill....but boy am I glad I'm going to be bedbound by tonight. So I'm sitting here multitasking by watching Olympics and browsing the internet for a university bag. I've decided to leave that for a bit as I've come across an old flame...

Do you remember Nina Sky?

Well...has their style changed or WHAT? Whilst everyone is still drooling over Rita Ora I'll be drooling over their new and improved fashion sense.

3 August 2012

Even though I should be saving up for my biker jacket I can't help but buy my necklaces and earrings etc. I even purchased some new shoes for work as well....for £7 can't complain. The skull earrings originally had suede wrapped around the hoop as you can see but I thought it was ugly so I peeled it off.

Ponio - Miss Selfridge (90p)
Skull Earrings - Dorothy Perkins (90p)
Shoes - Blue Inc (£7)
Cross Necklace - Dorothy Perkins (90p)