22 July 2012

Moody as heck here, oh dear. So today I basically purchased a new jumper and a new lipstick (Revlon Vava Violet)....and a new mascara (Maybelline Stiletto Voluptuous Volumizing Length Mascara) :)

20 July 2012

In the past few weeks alot has happened...

I was told by my Godsister that she won a spa break away in England...but to my suprise...it was really a holiday to Turkey from my Mom and Dad. The holiday was amazing and it had opened my eyes to what is out there in the world. I'm upset that I couldn't bring my Canon as I didn't have insurance covering it. Instead I had disposable cameras (OLD SCHOOL!).

So this week I have been looking in the mirror constantly sulking at my fail of a tan, shopping and working overtime. I turned 18 this week as well and BOY did it flop....I went shopping after work to cheer myself up and dwelled in sadness whilst eating 3 Birds Eye chicken burgers with loads of greasy fries. Great stuff ay?

12 July 2012