5 June 2012

Now I have a job I can ACTUALLY save money to buy things I need. I can't seem to find any clothes in the shops yet when I had no money I was super sad that I wasn't able to buy all the nice thing I wanted. So, I have created a list as o before with the clothes but formore important items.

I love buying new phones and ever since I departed from my LG Cookie no phone has EVER come close. Until NOW! I used to get annoyed with the 4 hour long bus journeys to and from college as I was fretting at the time wasted that I could have been doing work. I searched EVERYWHERE to find a good phone that is "ME" and I have (as picky as I am).

Nokia Lumia 710 - Got everything I need BUT a micro sd card slot (Hopefully 8gb should last me)

I hope to have this by next month...goals.

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