31 March 2012

Old H&M Cream Silk Shirt + Dylon/Tie Dye = EXICTED EXCITED EXCITED!

30 March 2012

I'm so inspired by these style diaries on Blogspot. It's took me over a year to sort my wardrobe and what I ACTUALLY like....near sorted I'm going to start a'new...FINALLY!

Things on my wishlist:
Vintage Levi Jeans
Crisp White Shirt
Leather Jacket
Jeans Jacket
Graphic T-Shirts
Ballerina Creepers
Bowler Hat
Matt Black Leggings

I think my mom won't be too happy when I read this list out to her lol...

29 March 2012

*WOOOP, WOOP* IT'S SPRING TIME! Carrying on with idea development for my Photography Unit 4 sketchbook...I found out college had a macro lens. It's funny how our eyes can't see this detail....Nature I LOVE YOU! (O-KAY sounding like a tree hugger now)

25 March 2012

Found a cd with these pictures on today.

Ever since I went on a lil' break to this beach with my family donkey years ago I fell in love with dispoable cameras. Not only was I happy that I got the film, cd and developed pictures for under £5 but the quality is AMAZING!

I am IN LOVE with these cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. They are so subtle yet mesmerising...think I may have to create a response for my Photography work.

24 March 2012


The one thing I dislike about myself is that I am so decisive. For the time being my page will be changing ALOT until I find a theme that I am content with :)

22 March 2012

A Level Photography - Unit 4

I am experimenting with Tilt Shift photography at the moment for my idea development. I have now changed my theme to seven heavenly virtues in which I am focusing on ways we DE-STRESS ourselves.

Personally I like observing people from high heights and visiting the top level of car parks. I photographed this from Bullring car park on the over-head walkway. SO SCARY! 

18 March 2012

Researching gothic fashion for my supervillian theme in Textiles...

Can't believe this was made in 1938 by Elsa Schiaperelli. Reminds me of something  Lady Gaga would wear; fashion never dies.

7 March 2012

A Level Photography - Unit 4

For my Unit 4 Photography project I am documenting "SEVEN DEADLY SINS"
The image situated above I have tried to portray  the sin of gluttony inspired by Terry Richardson x Crystal Renn for Vogue Paris.

<><> <><> <><>

As my second artist I have been looking at the work of George Hurrell to inspire the sin of PRIDE in which I will transform eventually into VANITY.