11 January 2012

MACS Scarves Galore

Boundaries are sometimes complicated when it comes to who can wear a scarf; a conventional winter piece that will live on for many generations to come. Proved to be practical they arrive every year in many stylish designs, shapes and sizes.

Winter has returned for another four or so months (oh, the sadness) but let us embrace, sniffle and sneeze into a timeless piece that will keep you cosy! Scarves provide many great uses, not only do they do good but come in many designs that admires an outfit to its best.

My advice is to be careful when thinking about the length of your scarf because – the length of a scarf can make or break  an outfit.

Wearing a tailored suit?

Find a cashmere scarf that is short enough to tuck inside the suit rather than hang below the hem line…complimenting the outfit whilst still keeping the balance of the suit in tack

Are you one to burrow in your scarf?


Double the scarf and feed the other end through the loop so it sits securely around your neck; thus up market. Snoods have become all of the range for both genders they can hang low to fit loose around the neck or twofold for a taut fit for the fellow burrowers.

As winter religiously develops S.A.D. disorder to most individuals, brighten them up by wearing a gaudy scarf to create lost joy and remind us that summer days are one day closer.

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