10 January 2012

Colour Blocking – Round Two

Colour blocking was in fashion for Spring/Summer 2011 and it’s still here for winter but with a twist… This consists of sporting ONE colour head to toe. Our fashion guidance will avoid you resembling the fifth long lost teletubbie instead you’ll become known as a fashionista experimenting with one of the hottest Autumn/Winter trends there is!

If you are to commit to this craze the recommended option is to find a colour that is ideal for your skin complexion – Importantly you must like the colour. Combining various shades of your desired colour brings excitement and interest defining both the shape and cut of your clothing. Do bear in mind the fact that you can mix and match shades of one colour, BUT you must mix them correctly.

For instance black comes in many shades and tones just like yellow and even red. It is important that colours flow correctly so they complement each other, avoiding one shade making the complete outfit tasteless. Maintain interest in the outfit by experimenting with textures and materials; look out for features such as leather, shiny flecks, as well as lace.

Want an easier option?

Keep your eye out for pieces already incorporating two shades of your matching colour or simply add a belt to produce the practise of subtle colour blocking. For embellishment add a twinkle by matching features of colour that you are trying to carry throughout your outfit to break into trend bit by bit. Embellishments comprise of the following: buttons, pockets, metal studding, gem like attributions and bows.

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