23 January 2012

Done a urban canal side photoshoot on Saturday. Here are a few selected unedited images for a sneak preview..


11 January 2012

Pleats Please…

Without hesitation each year pleats storm onto runways and our local high street stores, but for this Winter there are three amazing pleats to look out for – Knife pleats, Sunray pleats and Sunburst pleats.

If you are confused and don’t think you will be able to identify key differences here is a quick guide to assist you:

Knife Pleats – Individual pleats that follow the same line.

Sunray/Sunburst Pleats – Single pleats but begin smaller at the top whilst going wider towards the bottom creating a flared appearance.

Previously documented for MACS Fashion were sheer maxi skirts for the late days of summer and early days of autumn. Not everyone likes Maxi skirts so maybe try a skirt/dress at or above the knee. Days have taken a sudden chill so sheer maxis might be daunting to wear, joyfully there is a solution to transform summer pieces into winter pieces that can worn over again. Opt for heavier material such as cotton, if not layer your sheer pleats with thick wool hosiery, a winter coat, a thick knitted top and trimmings.

No doubt heels craft an outfit to its finest, but so do a killer pair of rock inspired boots. Perfect for the winter weather if kept in tip top condition can be carried in spring 2012 as timeless classics refuse to go out of style. If you want to impress incorporate TWO trends into one by pairing a faux fur jacket or a fetish inspired leather jacket to form a fashion dream come true.

Shorter hemmed skirts and dresses may be included within this trend, which works if you want to tackle a smart sophisticated impression. Team a cosy knit jumper with a tailored shirt underneath, cable knit tights, statement necklace and androgynous brogues especially for the petite beauties.

MACS Scarves Galore

Boundaries are sometimes complicated when it comes to who can wear a scarf; a conventional winter piece that will live on for many generations to come. Proved to be practical they arrive every year in many stylish designs, shapes and sizes.

Winter has returned for another four or so months (oh, the sadness) but let us embrace, sniffle and sneeze into a timeless piece that will keep you cosy! Scarves provide many great uses, not only do they do good but come in many designs that admires an outfit to its best.

My advice is to be careful when thinking about the length of your scarf because – the length of a scarf can make or break  an outfit.

Wearing a tailored suit?

Find a cashmere scarf that is short enough to tuck inside the suit rather than hang below the hem line…complimenting the outfit whilst still keeping the balance of the suit in tack

Are you one to burrow in your scarf?


Double the scarf and feed the other end through the loop so it sits securely around your neck; thus up market. Snoods have become all of the range for both genders they can hang low to fit loose around the neck or twofold for a taut fit for the fellow burrowers.

As winter religiously develops S.A.D. disorder to most individuals, brighten them up by wearing a gaudy scarf to create lost joy and remind us that summer days are one day closer.

10 January 2012

Versace at H&M

As the countdown is now over we can run and purchase our limited Donatella Versace clothing for great affordable prices in yes, H&M. It may be a Christmas present for a loved one, or for you, but one thing we can promise is that no one will be disappointed!

You may find it hard to believe that a Versace shirt can be purchased for £30, but it’s true so believe your eyes. H&M is famously renowned on the high street for their limited edition high fashion designer collaborations which promise satisfaction that you get what you pay for. In the past they have teamed with designers such as Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld and Sonia Rykiel and even music artists such as Kylie Minogue and Madonna!

There is no doubt that when it comes to most of the pieces you must have a bag of confidence to rock palm tree on leopard infused jackets and repetitive alligator print trousers. For the simpler male there are tailored pieces such as long sleeve shirts with metal collar accents and leather jackets to accentuate your ripped torso.

If you decide to opt for the graphical piece keep the opposite item plain such as top verses trousers and vice versa. Does it take a brave man to wear pink? YES, but there’s no stopping you. Remember to keep all pieces tailored and fitted to keep structure in balance even down to your footwear. As the graphical pieces are not within the autumn/winter colour palette it may be a bit difficult to work with these pieces. Instead of worrying, pair with dark denim as black may be too out of contrast against the flamboyant colour scheme.

Colour Blocking – Round Two

Colour blocking was in fashion for Spring/Summer 2011 and it’s still here for winter but with a twist… This consists of sporting ONE colour head to toe. Our fashion guidance will avoid you resembling the fifth long lost teletubbie instead you’ll become known as a fashionista experimenting with one of the hottest Autumn/Winter trends there is!

If you are to commit to this craze the recommended option is to find a colour that is ideal for your skin complexion – Importantly you must like the colour. Combining various shades of your desired colour brings excitement and interest defining both the shape and cut of your clothing. Do bear in mind the fact that you can mix and match shades of one colour, BUT you must mix them correctly.

For instance black comes in many shades and tones just like yellow and even red. It is important that colours flow correctly so they complement each other, avoiding one shade making the complete outfit tasteless. Maintain interest in the outfit by experimenting with textures and materials; look out for features such as leather, shiny flecks, as well as lace.

Want an easier option?

Keep your eye out for pieces already incorporating two shades of your matching colour or simply add a belt to produce the practise of subtle colour blocking. For embellishment add a twinkle by matching features of colour that you are trying to carry throughout your outfit to break into trend bit by bit. Embellishments comprise of the following: buttons, pockets, metal studding, gem like attributions and bows.

7 January 2012

A2 - Unit 3 Photography Final

After weeks of stressing I came to finish my final piece for photography * ROARING CHEER*