19 December 2011

MACS London Magazine Fashion Article - Women's Statement Jumper A/W 2011


This is a trend which is hard to escape from; The statement Jumper.

Mighty with force they are now appearing in every high street store possible. They emerge in countless designs as of comic slogans, bright colours, slouchy fits, appliqué and cable knits all set for our snowed in days to be snuggled up on the sofa with mulled wine.

There is a jumper for everyone literally; whether vintage shopping or digging up cosy knits from previous seasons to fit the trend. If you want to stand out opt for a statement jumper with an over the top pattern; team with less out going items to keep an undertone to your outfit. They are perfect for layering acting as two layers rather than one.
I have noticed different thicknesses of knit have come into season also. Whether you are a fan of Arran knit, cable knit to thin knit for a quick decorative throw over.

Retreating the highlights of high fashion Givenchy amazed the runway crowds with jumpers including barking and panting dog motifs. Steering away from the dark blue and black palette I am now taking you a calmer collection created by Missoni. Missoni tackled the idea of pastel coloured knits from polo neck designs to classic round necks.

The list is practically endless in where the jumper trend can take you. In various lengths they appear as dresses, crop jumpers or even Bill Cosby inspired sweaters. Ok, maybe not that over the top to make it seem you was regurgitated from an 80’s throwback show.

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