19 December 2011

MACS London Magazine Fashion Article - Men's Cable Knits A/W 2011

Cable knits

As we say goodbye to the summer it’s time to get out the winter woollies’. But this winter we have upgraded from the originally woolly jumper to the cable knit jumper, this winter’s ‘must have’ for men.

Knitwear seems to creep into most men’s wardrobes every winter, and if a man hasn’t invested in some knitwear this winter it’s about time they started! A cable knit jumper is this winters essential! As well as being stylish, the jumper is warm, cosy and practical for everyday wear, and can be worn casually or smartly.

Why not wear the textured jumper with either trousers or jeans and if it gets nippy, stick a coat over the top and you have a trendy, comfortable winter look. The jumper can be thrown on to create an effortless look, there is no need to think about it as it goes with everything as well as being a jumper that can be worn at any age.

You can find a cable knit jumper all along the high street, at shops like Topman, Asos and Zara, or if you want to go designer, why not visit Fred Perry or Jack Wills.

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