19 June 2011


I’ve had it on my mind to create a fashion blog for a good while but always put it off due to my educational studies. I go by the name of Henrietta but you can call me Hattie.
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Media + many more creative subjects I am yet to explore.
All day, every day my mind is on FASHIONFASHIONFASHION. I decided to create a blog to record and share my ideas and thoughts on upcoming fashion with my fellow bloggers and visitors to my page. I adore fashion D.I.Y in which I plan to inspire those who share the same interests as me and even learn a few things myself from this first post onwards.

May this be first post and not the last….Hope you enjoy :)
(P.S. I just previewed this post and I can not believe I am now & officially a FASHION BLOGGER :D - Over exicted much?)

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