19 December 2011

MACS London Magazine Fashion Article - Women's Fetish A/W 2011


Skin tight shiny leather, PVC, rubber; all midnight black. I call it dark…mysterious.

Intriguing by passers making them think who is that trendy fashion goddess?

Fashion has publicly turned sexy. If I say thigh skimming leather hot pants and your heart is racing; cheeks rosy in anticipation then my deed is done. It’s time to release your inner racy wild chick and obey this “taboo” trend. The fetish look is perfect to wear for any occasion whether just a trip Christmas shopping or a night out after a long day at work.

Tame your look into shape with pieces like lace to lace ups, latex to waist cinching belts, sheer to leather along with metallic trimmings. These looks were practised on the Autumn/Winter 2011 runways from the likes of Louis Vuitton with raunchy black stockings and French designer Thierry Mulger showcasing high waisted half sheer hot pants.

Without looking as if you just stepped off a Broadway show of Chicago you must subtly place your outfits together. A top tip if baring the bottom half is to cover the top and vice versa. This stops the look looking too sultry.

Here I have teamed ideas for two occasions in order for you to practise this trend.

For the office:

Collarless cropped black jacket  or Pussy bow shirt

Crisp white shirt  or Slim leg black leather trousers

Knee length black leather pencil skirt   or Suede ankle boots

Waist cinching black belt  or Long gothic pendant necklace

For a night on the town:

Leather black dress (New LBD)  or Black leather shorts

Ankle skimming platform boots or Dark red silk Vest

Selection of Crucifix inspired rings or Boyfriend fit blazer

Killer red lipstick or Black platform heels

Perfect materials for winter the fetish trend has appeared just in time for us all but one query from Macs…is the fetish trend ready for what you have in store?

Blow everyone away.

MACS London Magazine Fashion Article - Women's Statement Jumper A/W 2011


This is a trend which is hard to escape from; The statement Jumper.

Mighty with force they are now appearing in every high street store possible. They emerge in countless designs as of comic slogans, bright colours, slouchy fits, appliqué and cable knits all set for our snowed in days to be snuggled up on the sofa with mulled wine.

There is a jumper for everyone literally; whether vintage shopping or digging up cosy knits from previous seasons to fit the trend. If you want to stand out opt for a statement jumper with an over the top pattern; team with less out going items to keep an undertone to your outfit. They are perfect for layering acting as two layers rather than one.
I have noticed different thicknesses of knit have come into season also. Whether you are a fan of Arran knit, cable knit to thin knit for a quick decorative throw over.

Retreating the highlights of high fashion Givenchy amazed the runway crowds with jumpers including barking and panting dog motifs. Steering away from the dark blue and black palette I am now taking you a calmer collection created by Missoni. Missoni tackled the idea of pastel coloured knits from polo neck designs to classic round necks.

The list is practically endless in where the jumper trend can take you. In various lengths they appear as dresses, crop jumpers or even Bill Cosby inspired sweaters. Ok, maybe not that over the top to make it seem you was regurgitated from an 80’s throwback show.

MACS London Magazine Fashion Article - Men's Cable Knits A/W 2011

Cable knits

As we say goodbye to the summer it’s time to get out the winter woollies’. But this winter we have upgraded from the originally woolly jumper to the cable knit jumper, this winter’s ‘must have’ for men.

Knitwear seems to creep into most men’s wardrobes every winter, and if a man hasn’t invested in some knitwear this winter it’s about time they started! A cable knit jumper is this winters essential! As well as being stylish, the jumper is warm, cosy and practical for everyday wear, and can be worn casually or smartly.

Why not wear the textured jumper with either trousers or jeans and if it gets nippy, stick a coat over the top and you have a trendy, comfortable winter look. The jumper can be thrown on to create an effortless look, there is no need to think about it as it goes with everything as well as being a jumper that can be worn at any age.

You can find a cable knit jumper all along the high street, at shops like Topman, Asos and Zara, or if you want to go designer, why not visit Fred Perry or Jack Wills.

MACS London Magazine Fashion Article - Men's Christmas Party Outfits A/W 2011

Christmas party outfits

May it be too early to be putting your Christmas tree up? Yes.
May it be too early to buy your Christmas party outfits? No.
As always Christmas takes careful organisation and preparation. Every year, choosing the perfect present for each family member, making sure you buy the turkey on time and decorating the tree for that extra homely feeling. To take the stress away, Christmas parties were invented to drink till you are merry, boogie the night away and use the excuse of mistletoe to bag your Christmas crush for the New Year ahead.
Black tie events consist of looking as if you are the next James Bond ready for assignment. Ok, maybe not James Bond – too dangerous. When purchasing a suit attention must be paid to detailing. A double breasted jacket is very elegant teamed with a bow tie which must be the same cloth as the lapels of your jacket if you want to be considered extra dapper. Don’t fail to disappoint by forgetting to retain shoes to a tidy state. Finish off your look with a matching pair of cufflinks and watch with a slick back hair do.

If you are attending a less formal event but unsure what to wear; there is no going wrong with a contrast collar shirt. Shirts can be worn in many ways whether with a suit and tie or a polo contrast shirt with jeans/chinos. A contrast collar shirt is quite individual as they haven’t been as popular as now on the high street. High quality bargain purchases can be found in stores such as H&m, Selfridges and ASOS.

May this year bless you with the confidence to now go and shop and find your jaw dropping entrance outfit to make all your colleagues speechless.

19 June 2011


I’ve had it on my mind to create a fashion blog for a good while but always put it off due to my educational studies. I go by the name of Henrietta but you can call me Hattie.
  • Fashion
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  • Media + many more creative subjects I am yet to explore.
All day, every day my mind is on FASHIONFASHIONFASHION. I decided to create a blog to record and share my ideas and thoughts on upcoming fashion with my fellow bloggers and visitors to my page. I adore fashion D.I.Y in which I plan to inspire those who share the same interests as me and even learn a few things myself from this first post onwards.

May this be first post and not the last….Hope you enjoy :)
(P.S. I just previewed this post and I can not believe I am now & officially a FASHION BLOGGER :D - Over exicted much?)